Swing into the season

I’ve been promising Big G a trip to an ASU baseball game for weeks. Tuesday there was finally a home game. (Snow forced a three-game series down to Hickory).

It was cold. REALLY cold. Probably right around freezing. We got there top of the 7th, toboggans and blankets in tow. There were maybe 30 other people there, a few fans of Columbia.

The game was free and, with so few fans, you could sit anywhere. We hit front row behind the catcher. And it didn’t take long for Gavin to start practicing his distract-o-chant. Given the small number of people there, he WAS noticed.

We last two innings before finally turned and said simply, “It’s cold. Let’s go home.” Prior to that no complaints. He was into the game. Though he did repeatedly ask, “Can we go play on the field now?”

ME: No, we can’t.

GAVIN: Why not?

ME: Cause ASU and another team is playing baseball right now. They need the whole field.

GAVIN: Can’t we play with them?

In 17 years, maybe.


One thought on “Swing into the season

  1. Awwww, I can’t wait to hear about all the sports he gets into in high school and see where it takes him in college.

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