Cute and campy

Gabby poses with Daniel Boone, a statue near the duck pond at Appalachian State. This was during our tailgating activities prior to ASU playing Chattanooga.


Overexposed on the surf


This is from our last day at the beach, and I have no idea what happened. Me thinks my film was overexposed, or very old, or maybe my camera just decided to go bonkers for 24 straight shots. Either way, I’m not sure whether to be upset or pleased. I kinda like that effect.


Buckets of fun


I’m convinced, she was meant to be a mermaid. Before this photo was taken, Gabby was offered a hand-me-down fish, which she of course took. It was about four to five inches long, and she had it in her yellow bucket.

According to the fish-handee, his little girl was given it by a little boy was was leaving the beach. Now he himself was leaving, and was wanting to pass it on. After showing it off to both family, friends and strangers for about 15 minutes, Gabby did what any mermaid would so – she released the fish back to the sea. Even the strangers congratulated her on her wise choice.