Sticker shock

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.PrincessColoringBook

FOUND – Brand new, untouched Disney Wonderful Princess World Sticker Book.
PRICE NEW – $12.99.

Gabby loves coloring. And stickers. And Disney Princess. So basically I struck gold. This book is brand new, with not one of the 600 stickers gone, and not one lick of crayola on any page. There were a couple other Disney Princess books too, but this one was the diamond in the rough.

Speaking of which, I’ve always been bothered by the Disney Princesses. Who decides who gets to be one? Where is there no Maid Marian (Robin Hood) or Alice (Alice in Wonderland)? Sure, Alice technically wasn’t royalty, but wasn’t Marian? And then there’s Nala from Lion King who, by the movie title, was obviously a Lion Queen. She had to have been a princess before then, right? Or does her promotion by movie’s end bar her from eternal princesshood? Does that mean when Jasmine’s dad kicks the bucket and Aladdin becomes king, Disney drops her from the merchandise? Will there be a Queen line? And could they market Disney Queens with no smirks?

Just some of the mysteries I ponder while waiting for Gabby to eventually fall asleep. (And I ain’t even getting into the lack of Disney Princes).

And yes, this conversation on Facebook was WAY too long.



Bearable prayers


Like most children, Gabby has grown up with a security blanket. Many, in fact. There’s pink bear blankie, blue bear blankie, car blankie, butterfly blankie, mermaid blankie and lion blankie. All share two traits – the top is cotton and the bottom is silk, and they’re all roughly a square foot in size.

Pink bear blankie is, of course, the oldest and most loved. Car and Butterfly were “backups”. Mermaid – which has no silk underside but instead silk border – was the emergency backup backup when no other blankie could be found. Blue bear blankie was supposed to be Big G’s, but Gabby eventually adopted it as well. She’s had those five blankies for months. Lion blankie was a recent thrift find whose purpose was to being some variety. It’s her “meh” blankie.

Yesterday in Goodwill we found a new addition to the blankie family – Angel Bear blankie. Fifty cents was the price for a new fav. While all cotton on both sides, this blankie has a silk cross. The bear head has two wings and two hands together in prayer. Gabby was SO excited. She proudly showed it off to mom, took her nap with it, slept with it last night and insisted on bringing it to school to show her teacher.

While on the way to school, we had this conversation.


ME: Yes sweetie.

GABBY: Why is angel blankie praying?

ME: I don’t know …. Why do you pray?

GABBY: To talk to God.

ME: And what do you say to God? … (hears no quick response).. Do you thank God for mommy and daddy?

GABBY: Uh-huh.

ME: Do you thank God for being healthy and feeling good? Do you thank him for Jesus?

GABBY: Uh-huh … uh-huh.

ME: Well, maybe angel blankie is thanking God for you finding him and giving him love. Maybe he’s thanking God for making him happy.

GABBY: No dad! … It’s not a HE! It’s a SHE!

ME: Oh! Okay. Well, she’s praying that she’s glad you found her.

GABBY: (Silence ….. then, she makes her decision) She’s praying because God died on the cross.

Sure, she’s off on the details. But she gets the point.

SI-te seeing


Big G and I made a trek to Fayetteville Saturday for my grandmother’s surprise 77th birthday party. We came back up Sunday. During the trip, we stopped at a thrift store and he spied a “baseball” book. He took to it like pinstripes to Jeter, so I bought it. The next day on the way out of town I stopped to gas up. Before I hopped out the car I glanced in the back seat and saw Gavin hard at study. So no, this photo is not posed, and no, I did not suggest he do this. But yes, I am pleased. Not so much that it’s a sports magazine, but that he’s actually into trying to read.

Book smart

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.

FOUND – Vtech – Classic Rhymes & Discover Book.
PRICE NEW – $12.84 at Wal-Mart, more elsewhere.

Late in the Christmas shopping season (like, maybe, three days prior to) I was looking for a couple more gifts to give Big G. Nothing fancy. Just something I could smother in wrapping paper that he could attack with no worries. I found this Vtech book. It sings the opening of six different nursery rhymes. It has flashing lights. It’s colorful It works. I’m sold.

Well, this last-minute tree filler is one of Big G’s favorite “books.” He grabs it, sits in my lap, and turns the pages. He wants me to read it, and I do. And, when done, he goes back to the first big plastic page and insists, “ah-gin da-da. Ah-gin.”

A few days after Christmas, I was browsing the local Wally World toy shelves and saw a similar book. It was around $20. I looked around at other toys and was really mystified at how much a brand new shiny, colorful, talking piece of plastic goes for, especially considering it’s eventual shelf life.

For example, the Tigger I once gave Gabby. It died a horrible, horrible death, after being blindsided by a blowout diaper. Imagine how poor Eeoyre would have taken that.

Thinking happy boughts

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.peterpan

FOUND – Like new VHS copies of Peter Pan, Dumbo, Bambi and Beauty and the Beast.
PRICE NEW – I don’t think they even make these anymore, but four DVDs would cost at least $40.

The local Goodwill has always been good for an occasional Gabby-movie find. But one day it was just stacked with the big D. Gabby has seen Peter Pan (Tinkerbell!) and Beauty and the Beast (Belle!), but has never seen the big eared elephant or orphaned deer. When I took these home, I hid three and gave her the Belle movie. I assumed she would love it. Nope. Not enough Belle, too much scary monster. She didn’t even finish one viewing.

But Peter Pan now .. she’s watched it at least 20 times in the past two weeks. And by watch, I mean seen bits and pieces while coloring, reading, wrecking her room, etc. It’s the only movie she wants to watch right now. I figure we’ll get to Dumbo by spring. Hopefully by then I’ll have “We’re going to fight the Injuns! The Injuns! The Injuns!” out of my head.

And yes, I buy VHS tapes cause, at this point, I don’t trust Gabby with DVDs or a DVD player. We’ve already gone through two VCRs (you can usually get a decent on in a thrift store for less than $8), and she thinks DVDs are kind of like frisbees … only not thrown, but skidded across the floor with your feet. The same goes for music. I also stockpile cassette tapes (50 cents or less) in lieu of CDs.

Gab-E Necessities

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.junglebookcd

FOUND – Jungle Book Soundtrack on cassette tape.
PRICE NEW – I don’t think they even make these anymore
THRIFT COST – 25 cents

Gabby has always had a love of music, and recently Big G caught the bug. (“Sing!” he says when he wants to hear music). Gabby has both a CD/cassette tape combo boom box, and a Barbie cassette tape karaoke machine. So now I try to find cheap tapes to fill their hearts with happiness.

I got the Jungle Book soundtrack at the Bare Bones Boutique. They actually have a really odd sale going on, Buy One Get Two Free. Cassette tapes are normally 75 cents, so I scored three for one! I got the Jungle Book, Best of Disney Music Vol. I and a tape of random kids songs.

Gabby has taken to the Bare Necessities, while I’m more partial to I Wanna Be Like You. Big G loves them both. So we rocked out to bears and monkeys on the way to school this morning. (My car is cassette only, no CD.)

Also, Gabby has been all about the Siamese Cat Song from Lady and The Tramp. It’s on the Disney Best Of tape. Coincidentally, I recently re-introduced her to that movie. When she was about 18 months old, she loved watching that video. Over. And over. And over. It was all she watched for a few weeks, then we put it away. She watched it for the first time since last Saturday, and has re-watched it at least four times since.

I told her –

ME: You used to love this movie when your were a baby, like Gavin. Do you remember?


ME: You used to call it the ‘dogule’ movie. You used to call dogs ‘dogules’ then. Do you remember?

GABBY: (laughing, thinking I’m making a joke) No.

Now, whenever she sees me pull out a movie, she asks “What did I call that when I was a baby, dad?”

Hot Peppers

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.peppers

FOUND – Like new official NFL licensed Julius Peppers jersey, 2T
PRICE NEW – $77.49

Found this puppy (kitten?) at the Bare Bones Boutique. It’s just the latest sweet jersey find I’ve nabbed. I’ve also found both Delhomme and Collins Panther jerseys. (Yes, I’m still a fan of Kerry).