Kickin’ it G style

Took the Gs to the local high school recently to introduce them to volleyball. When we arrived we saw a soccer game going on. So we took to the stands. I explained to Gavin that the team needed to kick the ball in the net. To which Gabby and Gavin responded by making that they’re chant.

GABBY: Ready Gavin? One … two … three … (deep breath)


By the time I thought to take some video, Gabby gave up on the yelling to go exploring. But Gavin was still into the game.

Later, after catching some volleyball (they liked it, with Gavin applauding after every point) we went back out to the soccer match. The varsity was warming up. Rap was playing on the loudspeakers. Gabby decided to dance to the music. But the soundtrack ending kinda threw her. It’s all fun and games till you hear an explosion.

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