Catching some Gzzzzz


The wife used to berate me whenever I’d lay down with infant Gabby at naptime. I’d tell her to buzz off. I loved to have Gabby cuddle with me, either by my side or on my chest, and feel her fall asleep. It wouldn’t be long before she’d be too big for that. I wanted to enjoy it while I could.

Gavin will have none of this. He detests lying still. For him to fall asleep, you have to sing him some songs, maybe rub his back, then lay him down still awake and let him drift off on his own. Two’s a crowd.

Rare is the day when he dozes off with me. Monday was one such day. He’d fallen asleep in the van on the way back from the Blowing Rock. I carried him inside with the intention of waking him up. I layed him in the bed with me and turned on baseball.

“That should wake him up,” I thought. Instead, I went to sleep. Sometime during out slumber Gabby discovered us prone. She retrieved her favorite bed blanket and joined us. I woke up with my two babies sound asleep on either side.

Gotta enjoy it while I can.


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