Welcome to Dis-Is-G World

Bigger version

Continually under development – the portion of our yard quickly becoming a park. We’re trying to have all things for all little people. It’s also an effort to never have to hear the phrase, “There’s nothing to do.” Oh yes there is. Plenty. And here’s what –

A. Tire swing
B. Trees to climb
C. Chairs to rest
D. Playhouse, complete with slide
E. Mom’s garden to explore and water
F. Swings, one for each
G. Basketball goal
H. Picnic tables for snacks and coloring books
I. Baseball pitchback
J. Hammock
K. Hill perfect for riding bikes and cars down
L. Trampoline. Greatest thing evah!
M. Another swing
N. Small field for batting practice with baseball Tee
O. Badminton net, currently down until we teach them volleyball


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dis-Is-G World

  1. Well this is the coolest thing evah! I would love to do something like this for our grandkids once we can get the outdoor kitchen done! (Frist things first). I have to have a spot for the adults to sit so you don’t have to hear…”there is nothing to do”! LOL

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