Sugar free


We recently introduced the Gs to cotton candy. It was at our recent Swampdogs game. It was just after 9:30. At night. And we had no misgivings.

“WHAT! Are you CRAZY!?! They’ll be up all night!”

Nah. No prob. Cause both Gs are sugar proof. Not sure how or why, but it’s true. Gabby has been known to down a cupcake, three cookies and a Tum-E-Yumiee at 8:30 p.m. and be out like a narcoleptic by 9:45.

Gavin? Same way. A popcicle whether at noon or eight has no real impact on his 1 p.m. nap or 9 bedtime. No bragging. Just saying. Whatever sugar rush they get, it rushes quick.

Not to say it doesn’t have some impact.

And, no lie, they were out within 75 minutes of the rush.


One thought on “Sugar free

  1. I totally believe you. That looked more like “idiot hour” than a sugar rush. 🙂
    I too scoff at those folks that withhold sugar from their kids like it’s covered hallucinogenic cooties. I prefer to build up a healthy tolerance by doling out the chocolate for bedtime snacks.

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