Dog Pound

Went to a Fayetteville Swampdogs game last Friday night. Amazingly, Big G overcame his “Large Mute Animal” fear to give the team mascot Fun-Go some digital love.

This came after his sissy put him to shame. She’s doesn’t hug mascots as much as tackle. And I love how the crowd made sure to get that Dawg’s attention.

This was my first trip to J.P. Riddle Stadium since the 90s, when my aunt abandoned me and two friends in the parking lot. We barely escaped with our lives! (Not really, but it’s a long story). My grandfather was also a HUGE supporter of the team. He had players over to his house for dinner. Collected broken bats to make pencil holders. He was honored by the team with his own card, labeled “No. 1 Fan.”

Of course, that was when the team was called the Generals. They later became the Crocs; now the Swampdogs. And they’re good too!

Best part of the night? We apparently scored seats in the heckling section, aka the Dawg Pound. Best taunt? “Hey pitcher! Your momma called! She said it’s time to walk the dog!”

Second best part? Whenever the home team crossed home plate, the home PA played .. of course .. “Who Let The Dogs Out?” It was just the chorus. And in the break between lines, the crowd chanted the pitchers number.

SONG: Who let the dogs out?

CROWD: 2!!!!!! … 1!!!!!!!!!

SONG: Who let the dogs out?

CROWD: 2!!!!!! … 1!!!!!!!!!

They did this while madly stutter stomping on the metal bleachers. Awesome.


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