Kick start

A couple months ago the wife was at the local Habitat ReStore and found – brand new and unopened – a baseball pitchback. For $10. What a deal! Saturday evening I finally got around to putting it together. It was meant for Big G. But that bad boy is now for me!

I think I’m in glove!
I spent an hour throwing at it Saturday, and another hour yesterday. Both days till my elbow felt like strained pebbles. I felt pretty good about hitting the strike zone …. until I actually bothered to look up the actual distance between a hitter and pitcher. Sixty feet!?! I measured it out. Really? That far? Randy Johnson throws THAT fast THAT far? No Rookie sequel for me.

Gavin watched me attempt to pretend to try and be a real pitcher. He saw some minor leaguers do it live. And on his first try, he did his best to imitate.




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