Crawdad conflictions


Went to the Hickory Crawdads game last Friday night. It didn’t take the Gs long to spot Conrad, cause the costumed crustacean crept continuously around the crowd. They were obsessed with him. When finally he passed our way, they rushed to him!

Gabby, of course, was overjoyed!

As for Gavin? Well … He made this face, and made this sound. That’s him sqealing at the end of that video up there. He no liked Conrad. Uh-uh.

For Gabby, this is her fifth encounter with a cottoned one. Her first, with Yosef, went the way of Gavin. But since then she’s loved them. So far in her four years she’s met –

Dora and Diego
Chick-Fil-A cow (Gavin liked him)
– Smokey the Bear (no photo, cause Gavin was suddenly getting his Jamie Lee Curtis on)


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