A tale of two sittings

Gabby, the Teen, and the Teen’s friend on the Himalaya. This was taken in mid-ride, as they flew by. Note, Gabby is estatic.

One night of the beach vacation was dedicated to Family Kingdom, the big amusement park just off the strip. It illustrated the great divide between the Gs. There’s Gabby the Daredevil! And Gavin the Darenot!

First up, as soon as we arrived, Gabby joined the Teen and the Teen’s friend in line for the Himalaya. Gabby rode this last year too, and it was love at first whip. And she loved it again.

When the ride was over, Gabby exclaimed, “I wanna ride it again!” Instead she went with the teens on a couple other thrills. She never cried. Never wanted it to stop. Never wanted it to end. Meanwhile, Gavin was taking in much less grand rides. For instance, he drove a car.


He loved that! Next, he saw a canoe ride. “Dad! Dad! I wanna do this!” he pleaded. I told him to wait for Sissy, who also loved this ride last year. When she arrived, they both got in line and got their very own boat. They both climbed in excitedly! The attendant pushed them off! And within two seconds of calm, clear, comforting canoe canoodling …


NOT a happy camper. He disembarked ASAP. But Gabby finished, in her own style.


Later I got Gavin on the Merry-Go-Round. Again, he wasn’t too hip. He didn’t want to ride any of the horses. He only wanted the carriage. So we got in. He looked around. Didn’t like that either. Not the front seat. He wanted the back. So one step closer to a sense of security. And speaking as someone forever scarred by riding Space Mountain before he was ready (fourish and SCREAMING!), I made no issue of the horsie hesitation.


Later, the Gs joined their cousin for a firetruck ride. It was a green firetruck, so of course Gavin LOVED it.



One thought on “A tale of two sittings

  1. Gabby is a girl after my own heart! I was always the daredevil too. My dad taught me how to stand on my tip-toes at the height-check for roller coasters. (Safety first!)

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