Spin City


Driving into town this morning I had 15 minutes to splurge before the Gs had to be at school. I was debating what to do with the free minutes when from the back seat my young girl did exclaim, “The windmill!! Daddy! Look! The windmill!”

Ah yeah. The windmill. We’re sooo there.

The windmill appeared late last week, up behind the Broyhill Inn. I first noticed it Monday driving through town past the ASU basketball arena. It. Looks. HUGE! I’ve since been somewhat obsessed with finding the best view. Seeing from where and how it can be seen. From my office window I can just make out he propellers spinning between the pineneedles.

When I mentioned the big spinner to the wife over dinner Tuesday, Gabby interrupted. “We saw the windmill at school! It’s cool!” And, sure enough, her classroom has an unobstructed front row seat to it. (Me thinks her school has the most entertaining window in the county.)
The new Boone windmill – not to be confused with the old windmill – is 121 feet tall with three blades each 34 feet long. Seen from afar it looks huge! But like a reverse rearview mirror, the closer you get to it the smaller it appears. At least, to me.

Back to the free 15. The Gs and I headed up to the Broyhill and scrambled for a good view. Coming up the hill past the Inn it does look rather gigantic. But standing somewhat closer to it, it looks big but not that big. Kinda like when you meet a pro wrestler.

As we surveyed the view, the sun was blinding from the left. And trees obstructed the view from shared spots. I couldn’t get a good photo, either of the windmill or Gabby with her eyes open. Both thought it was cool and wanted a closer look. But me thinks you have to take a brief hike to get to it, plus possibly trespass. So maybe later.

It is quiet. Closer your eyes and you wouldn’t know it’s there. I asked Gabby if she knew what windmills do. “They spin,” she said. I then explained that it made energy, kinda like her batteries. Energy makes her toys work, as well as the TV and lights. And windmills make that energy. She kinda got the jist of it. “They make energy. Like batteries,” she later told her teacher.

When we left, we of course had to drive by the baseball stadium at the bottom of the Broyhill parking lot. To which Gavin exclaimed, “Baseball!! I see baseball daddy!” He paused. “I want to see football daddy! Show me football!” So we headed over to the new look football stadium and, sure enough, you can see that spinner from there as well.


On the way to the school, Gabby kept looking for the windmill. At one point, she could make out the blades through some trees, but just the blades.

GABBY: Look dad! I can see the mills! The mills are right there!

GAVIN: Mills! Mills!

That’s right. They’re called “mills.”

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