Fowl play


Excerpted from the never-to-be-released book, “Free Time with the Kids: How to have fun when time AND money are tight.”

Most mornings the Gs have day care. The doors don’t open until 8:15 on the dot, so often I have anywhere from 15 to five minutes to evaporate. Today we did so at the Duck Pond at ASU. And, of course, the Gs loved it!

I took a few slices of bread with is. As we walked toward duck land, we were greeted by a herd coming our way. Apparently they’re domesticated enough to recognize easy food when they see it. Two giggling munchkins = breakfast. So we never actually made it to the pond itself, just the outer edge. And one side note – the ducks also recognize that anyone over three feet in height is unsavory. They were up close and personal when it was just the Gs, but anytime a college student came strolling by, they fled. Only to return when the giants passed.

End result – for the cost of 20 minutes and some week old bread, we received benevolent delirium.


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