Sweet moves


Gabby had her big on-stage debut Friday night! Some robservations.

The wife had a hurricane schedule. She had to get Gabby dressed and alllll the way to Blowing Rock by 5:15, even though the show wasn’t until 6ish. She also agreed to starch the hair bows for all five dancers in Gabby’s class. AND she had to haul both Big G and the Teen with her. Makeup also needed to be applied (otherwise the bright lights would wash out their faces) and hair had to be sprayed.

In the midst of all this, the wife had to find time to provide nourishment for the children. She never made it anywhere, so she calls me at 5:15 requesting I pickup a pizza from Little Ceasar’s. ($5 for one topping large, EVERY DAY!) So I get Nanny Sis (the Teen’s great-grandmother) and a pizza. I arrive at the Hayes Performing Arts Center, which is crawling with a couple hundred people. I walk in with said pizza, looking for the hungry mouths. And I walk. And I walk. And I walk. I never found the fam, but EASILY could have made $20 selling that thing. Eventually, it became lunch Saturday.

No real point to all that, other than to inspire the mental image of me aimlessly roaming around a packed lobby of fellow over-eager parents while carrying a large pizza box. There’s a movie in that somewhere.

While the fam gathered for Gabby’s big night, poor Big G just wasn’t feeling it. He was hot. Feverish. And just blah. He’d been running a fever off and on the past few days. In the rabid hopscotch dance to get everyone where they needed to be, his medicine was left at home. So while we sat waiting for the show to start, my poor soccer nut was a burning sandbag in my lap. But on the plus side, he wasn’t restlessly squirming!

The show started with a couple dozen cloggers on stage dancing to a live bluegrass quartet. The back of the stage was a huge white screen, on which dozens of colors were mixed one from the other while dimmer lights interplayed. Gavin sat quietly through it all. It had to have been the coolest fever-amplified techno show he’ll ever see.


Gabby’s was the 13th or so class to perform. While all the previous groups ran back and forth on and off the stage, for her group they dropped the curtain. When it came back up, the stage contained five of the most adorable red and white polka dotted princess you’ve ever seen, each with a giant cardboard lollipop behind them.

And the crowd cooed, “Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

They also had a group leader, who led the way. I was too far back to get decent video, but here’s a sample. Gabby is, on screen, at the far left.

She did great! She smiled. Did her moves. Looked to be having fun. It was all a proud daddy could ask for.

After the Good Ship Lillipop, they did the Candyman. Afterwards, each dancer got a solo sashay across the stage.


Gabby … was …. HYPER! And by hyper, I mean “Mountain Dew six-pack mixed with pixie straws and three grams of fine Columbian .. uhhh .. coffee” hyper. She was a living, breathing NASCAR restart with one lap to go. And this was at intermission! After her dance! I shiver to think what the wife and company had to attempt to control pre-show!

At one point during the intermission, walking Gabby back to our seats from the bathroom, she suddenly turned and RAN from the theater. I followed her to the lobby, only to see the polka dotted flash hug one co-dancer, jump at a stranger, contemplate swiping some M&Ms from concessions, then spring to the closest door and – with a David Banner type adrenaline rush – shove it open. All in about 10 seconds. (I jest .. more like five).

As Gabby ducked outside I gave chase. Through the doors I saw her just randomly hopping, jumping, skipping, ALL OVER THE PLACE. I tried to get her to be still for a photo or two, but really .. I don’t think they make film that fast. I did get two quick in focus shots before ZOOM!! off again.

I left soon after (the Teen needed to meet her dad for a weekend at his house). Gabby and the wife got home around 9ish. She was still awake. But, within three minutes of crawling into bed, she. was. out. Usually a nine-hour-a-night sleeper, she got a full 12 that night.



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