No fly shown

Yesterday the Gs and I arrived home to find a baby bird hoping around the yard. Of course we had to investigate.

Gabby’s comment about wanting to put the bird in a cage reminded me of one memorable Calvin and Hobbs strip.

Don’t worry, the bird was fine. I eventually put it in a small dog carrier crate so, one, the Gs could look at it without touching and, two, to keep it from the cats. At one point Gabby was concerned it was hungry, and she ran and dug up four earthworms for it. Mom arrived to explain it couldn’t eat the worms, cause the momma bird had to chew them up for it. Which prompted Gabby to ask HER mom to do that.

Uhhhhh …. no.

After about 15 minutes, we released the bird in some thick shrubbery where a group of blue jays are believed to live. The cats don’t go there …. often.


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