Gabby decides to “hide” among the stuff animals at a local store. Yes, I had to help her out.

Sunday morning I woke up with Gabby in my bed. I left her asleep with mom while I went into the living room. About 40 minutes later Gabby wakes up, her energy level at 110% even before her eye lids hit their apex. She asks mom “Where’s daddy?,” and then rushes into the living room to find me.

GABBY: Dad! Dad! Guess what?

ME: What honey?

GABBY: Mom and I went fishing and the park, and I caught some fishes!!

ME: Really? Did you dream that last night?

GABBY: No!! It really happened! And I almost caught a whale!

ME: Are you sure you weren’t dreaming?

GABBY: No! It really happened!

My dad would be proud.

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