Hoppy Birthday

Two years ago today, this blond headed sports nut entered my world. It hasn’t been the same since. It’s been better!

Not sure how good the audio is coming across (again, my Dare cell phone rulz), but Big G was referring to his “Spider-Man cake.” Cause right now he’s all about some Spider-Man. Not sure how this came about. Seriously! Sure, Spider-Man was always my favorite, but he came to this conclusion on his own.

It is amusing how much like me he is. For example, he’s not too big into risk taking. While Gabby is a full force, no fear, yet to meet a slide she couldn’t tackle daredevil, Gavin is much for contemplative. He’ll climb up to a slide, sit like he’s about to scoot, look down at the long drop, then think .. “Errr … maybe not.” And come back down.

Call it hereditary hesitation.

Along with the webswinger, Big G remains a sports nut. I got him a quickie birthday gift. Just something he could open this morning. It was a book about Kick the Soccer Ball, and a set of 1992 Major League Baseball Aces playing cards. You can see which of the two really excited him.

That baseball set is great. Each card has a different action photo. There’s Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffy Jr. Roger Clemons, pre-big head Barry Bonds. Even a Tom Glavine! Woo-hoo!

And, while this isn’t my best PS work, it does somewhat capture his interests.



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