Sticker shock

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.PrincessColoringBook

FOUND – Brand new, untouched Disney Wonderful Princess World Sticker Book.
PRICE NEW – $12.99.

Gabby loves coloring. And stickers. And Disney Princess. So basically I struck gold. This book is brand new, with not one of the 600 stickers gone, and not one lick of crayola on any page. There were a couple other Disney Princess books too, but this one was the diamond in the rough.

Speaking of which, I’ve always been bothered by the Disney Princesses. Who decides who gets to be one? Where is there no Maid Marian (Robin Hood) or Alice (Alice in Wonderland)? Sure, Alice technically wasn’t royalty, but wasn’t Marian? And then there’s Nala from Lion King who, by the movie title, was obviously a Lion Queen. She had to have been a princess before then, right? Or does her promotion by movie’s end bar her from eternal princesshood? Does that mean when Jasmine’s dad kicks the bucket and Aladdin becomes king, Disney drops her from the merchandise? Will there be a Queen line? And could they market Disney Queens with no smirks?

Just some of the mysteries I ponder while waiting for Gabby to eventually fall asleep. (And I ain’t even getting into the lack of Disney Princes).

And yes, this conversation on Facebook was WAY too long.



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