Getting our kicks in


A few weeks ago I had to drop the wife off at the high school for a parent-teacher conference with the Teen. As we pulled in, I saw soccer practice ongoing down the hill. So before leaving I went down toward the field and stopped. I told the Gs to looks outside at the soccer game.

“They’re playing soccer, Gavin!” I said. He was, of course, mesmerized. And every morning since then, as I drive up to the high school to drop off the Teen, Gavin insists, “Wanna see soccer ball game, daddy.” And I have to disappoint him with, “Sorry Gavin. They don’t play soccer in the morning.”

So yesterday, after leaving the end-of-year celebration for him and Gabby at their day care, I took Gavin to his first ever soccer game. We stopped an Mickey Ds on the way. Dinner in the stands! What more could a father-son mandate require?

We got to the game, Watauga High against South Caldwell. It was a girls’ game. We found a seat off to the side. I got out our burgers. And took in the game. Gavin had a ball. He sat upright on the bleachers, holding his burger, rocking his feet, and – taking the cue for the crowd – occasionally yelling, “Kick it!”

We lasted a good 25 minutes. Never did he get bored. He was into it. Then came halftime. Only then was it time to go.

So a few weeks shy of his second birthday, Big G has taken in the following games live – football, basketball, baseball (all college) and now soccer (high school). Next up? Maybe some Crawdads.



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