So I took them out to the ball game


All day Friday I teased them – if you’re good, tomorrow we’ll go to the … BASEBALL GAME! And they would rejoice, “YEAHHH!”

And for the first five minutes of our maiden Appalachian State diamond game Saturday, they were in complete awe mode. “YEEAAHHH! ….” Then they actually attempted to watch the game. Well …… they’re under 4, what do you expect?

Big G did love the “baseball cards” he got (pocket schedules from the concession stand) and Gabby made new friends (There were two little girls and a boy sitting in front of us). But most of our 90 minutes at Beaver Stadium were spent roaming (look at the doggies), eating (pocorn and Sprite, of course) and exploring (Gavin was convinced one small bus was a “firetruck”).

My highlight? Soon after we arrived, Gabby started loudly singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” She forgot half the lines, and jumbled some words, but sang it with such enthusiasm a few people nearby couldn’t help but cooo, “awwwwww.” And between innings, Gabby liked to get down.


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