Hoop scoop

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.rim

FOUND – Like new Playskool Easy Dunk Basketball rim and backboard. Alas, no pole.
PRICE NEW – $16.40 new at Amazon.
THRIFT COST – .50 cents

Found this at the New Life thift store in Fayetteville, during Big G and I’s recent trip down the mountain. This thing is awesome! Though it doesn’t have a poll, it has something better – a base behind the backboard which allows the hoop to be set up on a doorknob or bar. I broke this bad boy out at my grandmother’s surprise birthday party. It fit neatly on the back of a small chair and, once there, it was on! Bonus – it has a breakaway rim! Though Gavin would rather work on his jumper than any dunks.

The rim now rests comfortably on one wall/rungs of his crib.

Side note – the past few times I’ve taken Gavin to the local Goodwill, he’s spied one of those suction-cupped hoops you can put on a frig or bathtub wall. Only one problem – it comes with this logo. Both times Gavin has navigated toward it (Bass-ball! Bass-ball!) I insist – “Sorry son, I’m not allowing anything Duke in your room.” Nearby reactions are priceless.


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