A name by any other curse


Big G poses with the stuffed Alaskan bear which lives on the bottom floor of the ASU library. He likes to give it “five.”

One month shy of his second birthday, Big G has finally decided to say his name. And he does it with flair.

Ask Gavin to say his name, and he’ll look at you with sweet, toddler innocence and proudly say, “Damin.” As in, “damn”in.

ME: What’s you name again?

BIG G: Damn-in!

ME: Say, GAV-in.

BIG G: Gab-in.

ME: Now say Gavin!

BIG G: Damn-in!

Think that’s cute? It gets even better. My wife’s sister and husband watch the Gs a couple times a week. The husband, Gavin’s uncle, calls him “meanness.” And Gavin has taken to calling him back, “Uncle Meaness.” But that’s not exactly what he says. It comes out, “Uncle Mean Ass.”

Man I love my son.


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