Bearable prayers


Like most children, Gabby has grown up with a security blanket. Many, in fact. There’s pink bear blankie, blue bear blankie, car blankie, butterfly blankie, mermaid blankie and lion blankie. All share two traits – the top is cotton and the bottom is silk, and they’re all roughly a square foot in size.

Pink bear blankie is, of course, the oldest and most loved. Car and Butterfly were “backups”. Mermaid – which has no silk underside but instead silk border – was the emergency backup backup when no other blankie could be found. Blue bear blankie was supposed to be Big G’s, but Gabby eventually adopted it as well. She’s had those five blankies for months. Lion blankie was a recent thrift find whose purpose was to being some variety. It’s her “meh” blankie.

Yesterday in Goodwill we found a new addition to the blankie family – Angel Bear blankie. Fifty cents was the price for a new fav. While all cotton on both sides, this blankie has a silk cross. The bear head has two wings and two hands together in prayer. Gabby was SO excited. She proudly showed it off to mom, took her nap with it, slept with it last night and insisted on bringing it to school to show her teacher.

While on the way to school, we had this conversation.


ME: Yes sweetie.

GABBY: Why is angel blankie praying?

ME: I don’t know …. Why do you pray?

GABBY: To talk to God.

ME: And what do you say to God? … (hears no quick response).. Do you thank God for mommy and daddy?

GABBY: Uh-huh.

ME: Do you thank God for being healthy and feeling good? Do you thank him for Jesus?

GABBY: Uh-huh … uh-huh.

ME: Well, maybe angel blankie is thanking God for you finding him and giving him love. Maybe he’s thanking God for making him happy.

GABBY: No dad! … It’s not a HE! It’s a SHE!

ME: Oh! Okay. Well, she’s praying that she’s glad you found her.

GABBY: (Silence ….. then, she makes her decision) She’s praying because God died on the cross.

Sure, she’s off on the details. But she gets the point.


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