Snow more spring


Sunday evening the Gs and I played in the yard in low 60 temps. Monday came some rain, and the air gots a bit more nippy. Then came this morning. Tuesday. April 7. 23 degrees. At least two inches of snow. And there was much rejoicing.

While the Teen’s school was canceled (freshmen year will never end), the Gs still had school. So off we went out the door. Or, more specifically, I chased those two outside, as they just had to play in the snow. I can’t say I blame them, though I did draw the line at Gabby doing a snow angel. Before we got in the car, she kicked loose a layer and got excited.

GABBY: Look dad! Grass!

Once in the car we hit the lightly slick roads. Within minutes Gabby had an announcement.

GABBY: Hey dad. I know what we can sing today! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Yeah!

And so three weeks into spring we sang about reindeer with noses glowing and, later, hoofs clicking on the rooftop. Just so you know, there are 261 shopping days left until Christmas.


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