Rock On!

Gabby poses on a rock outside Rankin Hall on the ASU campus.

Wednesday afternoon I found myself on campus with the Gs and an hour to kill. So it was off for adventure and fun! Exciting and true! Starting from the COB, here is our itinerary.

Tunnel of Ooooooos
Most everyone whose ever been on the ASU campus knows where the tunnels are. Each runs about 15 yards under Rivers Street, and are encrusted with 20 years worth of paint. As we went, Gabby does her impression of a ghost. “Ooooooooooo. Oooooooooo. Oooooooo.” Gavin just walked through marveling at the walls. For a kid, walking through a tunnel is cool. And yes, I find it cool.

Attack of the ducks
We got to the Duck Pond and saw plenty of ducks. But they would have nothing to do with us. So we three set off to Trivette Hall to buy some bread. On the way Gabby made to sure to run up and scare the quakers out of one sleeping duck, while Big G was determined to stop every mud puddle in our way. Once we secured a loaf, we made it back down and filled some feathered bellies. Gabby knew enough to rip her slices into bits. Not Big G. I gave him a piece of bread, and he would proceed to sling that entire piece of bread. The ducks didn’t seem to mind.

Something fishy about those fish
After a few minutes of slinging risen yeast at the ducks, the fish soon came. But not normal fish. Oh now. These are mutant cat fish and giant gold fish. Scary stuff. The cat fish in particular would slowly swim to the surface, open their mouths to the air, then become perfectly still. They wanted us to throw food down their throat! Creepier than that was the dark shadow lurking well beneath the surface. I only caught its tail, but it has to be a giant goldfish easily four feet in length.

Rocking and aStrolling
After the bread feast, we three headed back through the tunnel to campus. We ventured toward Rankin Science Building, which has a small rock park. It’s a path which meanders past several large rocks, all of which are identified with signs. Gabby had to walk the short trail, making sure to point to each rock and ask, “What’s that one called?”. “And that one?” “And that one?” “And that one?” I pronounced the answers as best I could, while behind us Gavin followed saying, “An dat un?” An dat un?” An dat un?”

Flower nabber
After our tour outside – and briefly in – the science building, we headed up toward the old library. Alongside one wall of the building was a row of daffodils Gabby had to pick. Had to! This time of year it i her moral responsibility to free any petals she finds of their confining stems. She nabbed six without thinking.

Is this so hard
As you can see above, I wanted to snap a nice photo of Gabby but she had to cheese it up. Big G has yet to replicate his sissy, and always knows how to smile pretty for the phone.


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