Birthday Wishes


Gabby in Wal-Mart showing off yet another toy she wants for her birthday.

Back before Santa’s big day, anytime Gabby saw a toy – whether on a shelf or in a commercial – she would say, “Dad! I want that for Christmas! Can I get that for Christmas?” Simply saying “Yes” would inspire a squeal of delight, and she would move on from the sudden target of her infatuation.

She’s since learned that, while the next Christmas is soooo far away, her birthday is not (three months and counting). So now when something shiny catches her eye, it’s “Dad! I want that for my birthday! Can I have that for my birthday!” To which I, of course, say, “Maybe.”

She’s since also advanced far past pointing to, or retrieving, just one item. Oh no. Now she points at a section of shelving, waves her hand back and forth, and says, “Dad, I want allllll this for my birthday!” To which I response, “I know. You want everything for your birthday.”

“Uh-huh! I want EVERYTHING for my birthday!”

At least she knows what she wants.


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