Park place


The traditional “blizzard” week, March 6-16, started this year with a 70s weekend. It was warmer than a Tom Hanks romantic comedy. I found time both Saturday and Sunday to take the Gs to a park, and this is what we did.

Pedal power
Outside of the living room and driveway, Gabby’s never really got to stretch her legs on a bike. That changed Saturday. We went to Valle Crucis park, which has a paved walking track. I pulled out Gabby’s plastic Cinderella tricycle and, like Kenseth off pit road, she was gone! Her maiden tryke trip went the entire .75-mile length of the track. Without a rest. Big G and I shadowed her all the way, and often had trouble keeping up.

Sunday we went to a smaller park, with a one-fourth mile track. And this time, she had her big girl bike, complete with training wheels. And again, she was gone! She did another full circle, resting only once – if you consider resting running across a huge field to pet a puppy, then running/walking back to the bike.

Water works
As you can see up top, both Gs were attracted to the New River, which runs through VC park. Being early March, it was a bit too early – and the water way too cold – for this. Not that Gabby didn’t ask. Instead, she and Gavin spent a good 10 minutes throwing rocks, sticks and pinecones into the water.

At one point, Gavin threw a pinecone which *just* missed falling into the water. It instead rested on a rock at the ground’s edge. Undaunted, Gavin cautiously walked up, bent down, and – after a few grasps – got the cone without taking a plunge. Unbeknownst to him, I was glued to his shadow ready to grab him if he slipped. But he didn’t. I’d like to think that boosted his confidence. Or stupidity. Not sure which.

Cove Creek park also has a small leg of the New River wandering by. We stood by its shore Sunday and this time, with some other girls wading the way, Gabby tiptoed through the splashtips. She looked like a modern day girly Tom Sawyer, with her rainbow pants pulled up past her knees and her hands caked with mud. Happiness is being dirty.

Just a swingin’
Gavin wanted to swing and man oh man, did he love it. One push and he was a blondheaded giggle. It never got old.


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