Kernels of conversation – Sign says welcome

Gabby and Big G with friends at church.

Random conversations from the past few weeks. All true (cross my heart).

Anytime Gabby sees a scale somewhere, she immediately jumps on it.

GABBY: (Standing on scale) Dad! Come here! Come see how old I am!

She looks at numbers.

GABBY: (excited beyond belief) I’m twenty eleven years old!

One day Big G walks into the kitchen carrying one of Gabby’s princess wands. It’s actually a large, plastic sword-like bubble wand. He’s using it to smack a football around the floor.

GAVIN: Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

ME: You’re playing hockey?

GAVIN: Uh! Huh!

birdsign1One day walking at the park, Gabby saw this sign (to the left). She pointed to it.

GABBY: You know what that sign says dad?

ME: What does it say?

GABBY: Seagulls welcome.

We’re in the van on the way to Fayetteville. As we hit the Greensboro bypass and join the eight-lane, Gabby – sitting in the backseat – sees many cars behind us heading our way.

GABBY: (screaming at the cars) Stop! Stop! Stoooppp! Stop!

She pauses to catch breath.

GABBY: Now I’m gonna say it like Dora. (deep breath) Hola! Hola! Hoooolllaaa!

Big G has a new word. He says it using two long drawn out syllables. I can’t help but make my own joke.

GAVIN: Da-da fuuun-eee. Funnn-eee dada.

ME: I’m funny?!

GAVIN: Uh-huh!

ME: Am I funny ha-ha, or funny..(pause)..not haha?

GAVIN: Funnn-eee ha-ha, da-da.

A rare quote from the Teen. One morning she and a friend are making pancakes.

TEEN: Rob. where in Boone can you buy a Bob Marley t-shirt?

ME: I don’t know. Why?

TEEN: I want one!

ME: (Trying not to smirk) Quick, name me three Bob Marley songs.

TEEN: (taken aback) He sings?!?

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