A great case of the Mondays


My day Monday.

– Woke to a one-hour delay for the Teen’s high school, which meant I was just taking Gabby to preschool. Two words – breakfast date!

– Gabby and I hit Sunrise Grill. She had a Mickey Mouse pancake. I had biscuits and gravy. We watched SpongeBob on the flatscreen at our table, then afterwards hit the arcade for basketball and air hockey.

– I dropped Gabby off at school right on time – 8:15. I head to work.

– The wife and Teen had a doc appointment at 1. So I got to parent. Met the wife with the Gs at Chick-Fil-A. Wife left to get the Teen. We stayed in the playroom. Gabby wore out the slide and Gavin played with a balloon. At one point I actually crawl to the top of the kids maze to “rescue” Gavin, who suddenly got slide chills. After 30 minutes, we leave.

– Asked Gabby where she wanted to go. She said she was hungry. She wanted ice cream. Marble Slab here we come!

– Get to Marble Slab, a small ice cream parlor in a strip mall. Gabby wants pink ice cream, so we get “bubble gum” in a waffle cone, with sprinkles and marshmellows. We all three share a table and the goody.

– After we eat there’s still 15 minutes before the doc appointment is over. So we go to the pet store.

– Big G has yet to visit the Pet Place. Gabby hasn’t been there in years. Three huge birds, including a parakeet, are up front. (“Boud!” points Gavin). We see fish and mice and gerbils and finches and lizards. Gavin wants to see the giant parakeet again. We go and, while Gavin marvels, the so-far-so-quiet bird quawks. “AWWK!” Gavin jumps. And thus ends are trip to the zoo.

– We get to the doc office and wait for mom and big sissy. Big G plays with sun glasses in the back while Gabby and I wrestle in the front. Finally, mom’s here to pick them up. I head back to work.

– Get home from work. Have dinner and play with the Gs. Rock Gavin to sleep. At about 8ish I retire to my bed for my Fox/House/Bauer marathon. Gabby comes in and cuddles up with me. She then says.

GABBY: Daddy? Today was a fun day! I want to do it all again tomorrow!

ME: What was your favorite part of the day?

GABBY: (thinking). Ummmm. (grinning) Eating ice cream.

Within 10 minutes, she’s out. Asleep. Beside me.

I want to do it all again tomorrow!


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