Thinking happy boughts

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.peterpan

FOUND – Like new VHS copies of Peter Pan, Dumbo, Bambi and Beauty and the Beast.
PRICE NEW – I don’t think they even make these anymore, but four DVDs would cost at least $40.

The local Goodwill has always been good for an occasional Gabby-movie find. But one day it was just stacked with the big D. Gabby has seen Peter Pan (Tinkerbell!) and Beauty and the Beast (Belle!), but has never seen the big eared elephant or orphaned deer. When I took these home, I hid three and gave her the Belle movie. I assumed she would love it. Nope. Not enough Belle, too much scary monster. She didn’t even finish one viewing.

But Peter Pan now .. she’s watched it at least 20 times in the past two weeks. And by watch, I mean seen bits and pieces while coloring, reading, wrecking her room, etc. It’s the only movie she wants to watch right now. I figure we’ll get to Dumbo by spring. Hopefully by then I’ll have “We’re going to fight the Injuns! The Injuns! The Injuns!” out of my head.

And yes, I buy VHS tapes cause, at this point, I don’t trust Gabby with DVDs or a DVD player. We’ve already gone through two VCRs (you can usually get a decent on in a thrift store for less than $8), and she thinks DVDs are kind of like frisbees … only not thrown, but skidded across the floor with your feet. The same goes for music. I also stockpile cassette tapes (50 cents or less) in lieu of CDs.


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