Sizing up his shot


The Gs and I went to the park Monday. Temps were in the 60s (at least in the sun, mid 50s in the shade) and it’s been awhile since they roamed free.

While at the park, some type of after school youth group was running around cajoling. Among their bikes and bats were three basketballs. At some point, the young hoopsters split to run the track. All three balls were left unattended by the court. Big G, who had been entranced watching the shoot around, saw an opportunity. When the cats were away, this mouse would play!

Undirected by me, Big G went straight for the nearest basketball. He picked it up, then walked steadily toward the nearest goal. Once he got within range, he stopped and took aim. And … And .. And … well, fired isn’t the word. Neither is lofted. What he did do is try to sent that puppy skyward. It went maybe an inch before falling to the court.

Was he upset or disappointed? Nope. He was in love! And he did it all over again.



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