25 Things I Wish I Could Say About Myself


A bunch of Facebook friends have tagged me on a survey in which they list 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about themselves. Recipients are asked to do the same. Never one to go with the crowd, here’s 25 random things I wish I could say about myself.

1. I completely respect and understand, and in no way think less of, Katie Bonk since she admitted to never having seen – or liking – Star Wars.

2. Matt McNaney stole my coding skills.

3. Before I make any major decision in life, I always ask myself, what would Chris Cannady do? (It’s never steered me wrong!)

4. I have never been jealous of Crispin Boyer and his, uh, “job” straight out of college – playing video games. Then writing about playing video games. For money. In Chicago. Near the United Center. During the Jordan era. What’s to envy?

5. Jay Jordan stole my dance moves.

6. I have plenty of time each day to accomplish everything I want to do. Just today I taught Gabby how to read, practiced a slant route with Gavin, got all the laundry done and read two books, all before lunch.

7. Adam Lindsay stole my three-point shot.

8. I never once … even for a sec .. desired attending any college other than Appalachian. Especially not any “blue” ones. Never. (I was just joking. Seriously. I was.)

9. Simon Cowell once complimented my singing.

10. I never associate Marla Rock with doughnuts.

11. Jeff Braun stole my fashion sense. (I never should have left my closet unlocked)

12. Trish Kemerly treasures the days she was my boss. I was a model employee.

13. Marie Freeman stole my shooter’s eye.

14. My tears can cure cancer. Too bad I never cry.

15. I’ve always been jealous of the birthday parties Carleen Talty Dender’s mother threw for her.

16. Greg Nazario stole my banana-pancake recipe.

17. I bankrupted the open bar at Christie and Brandon’s wedding.

18. I made good use of that guitar I once bought.

19. My Panther PSLs are on the 50, mid-lower level, but I spend most of my time in the box suite.

20. I once survived a torrid love affair with Jodie Foster. I refer to it as “the Lost Weekend in Rio.”

21. I taught Jared Everett how to grill.

22. My wife appreciates it when I repeatedly correct her grammer. (Remember, it’s “Rob and I,” not “me and Rob”). Not once has she ever smacked me.

23. My brother Johnathan stole my golf swing.

24. Alan McNeil stole my taste in music.

25. I am NOT addicted to the internet. Nope. Can stop browsing any time. … (Just, uh, give me five more minutes, okay?)


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