Gab-E Necessities

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.junglebookcd

FOUND – Jungle Book Soundtrack on cassette tape.
PRICE NEW – I don’t think they even make these anymore
THRIFT COST – 25 cents

Gabby has always had a love of music, and recently Big G caught the bug. (“Sing!” he says when he wants to hear music). Gabby has both a CD/cassette tape combo boom box, and a Barbie cassette tape karaoke machine. So now I try to find cheap tapes to fill their hearts with happiness.

I got the Jungle Book soundtrack at the Bare Bones Boutique. They actually have a really odd sale going on, Buy One Get Two Free. Cassette tapes are normally 75 cents, so I scored three for one! I got the Jungle Book, Best of Disney Music Vol. I and a tape of random kids songs.

Gabby has taken to the Bare Necessities, while I’m more partial to I Wanna Be Like You. Big G loves them both. So we rocked out to bears and monkeys on the way to school this morning. (My car is cassette only, no CD.)

Also, Gabby has been all about the Siamese Cat Song from Lady and The Tramp. It’s on the Disney Best Of tape. Coincidentally, I recently re-introduced her to that movie. When she was about 18 months old, she loved watching that video. Over. And over. And over. It was all she watched for a few weeks, then we put it away. She watched it for the first time since last Saturday, and has re-watched it at least four times since.

I told her –

ME: You used to love this movie when your were a baby, like Gavin. Do you remember?


ME: You used to call it the ‘dogule’ movie. You used to call dogs ‘dogules’ then. Do you remember?

GABBY: (laughing, thinking I’m making a joke) No.

Now, whenever she sees me pull out a movie, she asks “What did I call that when I was a baby, dad?”


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