Gabby has a flair for the dramatic; a love of the OMG! ISN’T THIS THE COOLEST! way of expressing her delight. She’s Will Ferrell in Elf, only no where near as annoying.
Whether it’s seeing mom for the first time all day, finding a sucker hidden in her backpack, getting a Mickey Mouse pancake for breakfast, or scratching a $1M lottery ticket, her reaction is the same – unrestrained primordial enthusiasm. Any such explosion of joy could fuel a nuclear sub. She has at least two a day.

One of the most memorable occurred this morning at daycare. We were in Big G’s room when one of his teachers walked in. Seeing her arrive, Gabby ran toward her with arms open. She wanted to give her a big hug hello. The teacher, college-student age, picked her up for a good neck squeeze. When Gabby unlatched the hug, she reared back and delivered a big smooch on her cheek. Then came the outburst.


… pause….


TEACHER: That’s right. You are white. And I am brown.


The teacher then put Gabby down, and she ran about her merry way. I wasn’t shocked nor embarrassed. Neither was the teacher. I figure if you’re black working with children in a place like Boone, such comments are par for the day. Just maybe not quite at that decibel level.


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