The D-word


Our house. Wednesday afternoon. Gabby and I are on the couch watching television. UNC TV’s Martha Speaks. The following conversation strolled in out of nowhere.


ME: Yes, sweetie.

GABBY: (Looking at TV) Can we go to Disney World one day?

ME: (Actually feels wallet seizing) What sweetie?

GABBY: Can we Go … To … Disney World one day?

ME: Sure sweetie. One day we can, but not for awhile.

GABBY: (With a tad more excitement) Can we go when I turn five!?

ME: We’ll see, sweetie. We’ll see.

The wife recently suggested we try Carowinds this summer, to see how that goes. And no, she’s not referring so much to how the kids do as she is how will I do. I’m just not hip to theme parks. Unless, of course, this counts as a theme “park”.


2 thoughts on “The D-word

  1. Oh wow I didn’t know you were such a big Star Trek Dork. HAHAHA.

    Well speaking from experiance, Disney World is completely different from Carowinds. Disney World cares about you. Disney World is very kid friendly. Disney World will warm your poor cold heart when you see how happy the kids are. My brother and I took my neice when she was five and it was a magical experience. She is an evil child, but that day is something special to me. I would recommend waiting until they are both old enough, though. But don’t base your opinion off of Carowinds, which is hell on Earth.

  2. Ahhh…that magic age of “when you turn five.” Fortunately, we’ve still got a few more months to milk that one as a procrastination tool.
    While we were in L.A. for Christmas, we took Abigael to Disneyland for the day. It made it a little less painful on the wallet since were down there anyway. Totally worth it. We made it just about her and only did the things she would enjoy. Other than the puking (a whole story itself), it was an awesome experience seeing her totally enthralled with everything from meeting Minnie to riding The Pirates of the Carribean (her favorite).

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