Happy New Shear

And so it was, days shy of 19 months, Big G bid fared thee well to his locks.

About time.



Nope. No baby there. He’s a little boy now.

The shearing was necessitated by the near serial mis-characterization of Big G’s rightful gender. Recently we had a father-son night at an ASU basketball game. He wore a sweatshirt with a bear dribbling a basketball. Yet this is what I heard:

How old is she?

She is adorable!

I wasn’t sure you wanted her getting out.

It was the curls. I knew it. Plus those whisker length eyelashes. The final straw (follicle?) was Sunday before Christmas at church. A visiting preacher stopped me at the end of the service.

PREACHER: Was that you and your children I saw at Dollar Tree yesterday?

ME: Yes, it was.

PREACHER: (Bending down to look at Gabby) Did you enjoy shopping with your little sister?


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