Singing Hims


For the past few weeks, the wife has been teaching the four kids in her Wednesday night church class “Silent Night,” complete with sign language movements. The song has become a ritual at the house, with the wife continuing to teach it to Gabby. Big G has been taking it all in. He knows the song. But won’t actually sing it.

This morning while taking the two to school, Gabby was in a foul mood. I decided to try to get her to sing. She didn’t bite. But Big G did. What followed is one of the cooler moments of my life as a father.

ME: Siiii .. uh-lent ….

BIG G: Niiiii.

ME: Hoooo .. Lee ….

BIG G: Niiiii.

ME: Allll is …

BIG G: Kaaa.

ME: All is …

BIG G: Iiiiiiii.

ME: Round, yon …

BIG G: Vvvvv.

ME: Mother and ….

BIG G: Iiiiiiii.

ME: Hoooo .. Lee .. infant, so tender and …

BIG G: Iiiii.

ME: Sleeeeep .. in heavenly …

BIG G: Eeece.

ME: Sleeep .. in heavenly ….

BIG G: Eeece.

(Car goes quiet. Then Gabby starts what becomes a duet)

GABBY: Siii-uh-lent night.

ME: Hooooly night.

GABBY: Alllll .. is calm.

ME: Allll .. is bright.

GABBY: Round, yon burghin …

ME: Mother, and child.

GABBY: Sleee

ME: (interrupting) No, it’s Holl-ee infant …

GABBY: Hooo-leee infant so ..

ME: Tender and mild.

GABBY: Sleeeeep … in

ME:Heavenly .. peeee-EE-ece

GABBY AND I TOGETHER: Sleeeeep .. in heav….en..lee … peace.

Even Big G applauded that one.


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