Looney Runes

I’m a thrift store nut. To me it’s a modern day treasure hunt. Here’s a recent find.bugs-ending

FOUND – The Best of Bugs Bunny on VHS
COST – $1

Gabby has a VCR in her room, and I’m always looking for video ammunition. And this was a must have. More than 40 minutes of Bugsy goodness. It includes – uneditted – classics such as Roman Legion-hare, Duck! Rabbit, Duck!, and Ali Baba Bunny.

Now, most every night when it’s time for bed, Gabby wants to watch Bugs Bunny. She’s gone through that tape at least 10 times. Here’s the bonus – Previously Gabby insisted that either mom or I lay with her as she watches TV and falls asleep. With Bugs, she lays down solo. All we have to do it pop in the tape and, 20 minutes later, she’s out.

How cool is that?


2 thoughts on “Looney Runes

  1. Abigael is a big fan of the classics too. I broke down a couple of weeks ago and bought her a DVD of old Tom & Jerry cartoons that she asked for. I also have a bunch of old Bugs/Daffy/Sylvester cartoons loaded on my ipod for emergencies. Her favorite is Daffy Duck as Robin Hood “Dodge, Parry, Spin, BOING!”

    On a side note, I am kind of comforted to see that I’m not the only one that lets the kid go to sleep watching TV. Of course, for us it’s usually on the couch. One of “her shows” and then she’s out when we turn it to Mommy & Daddy’s shows.

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