The longlasting power of cassette tape

From the attic of random memories

One year back in high school – 1989, me thinks? – I did a theme gifts for a handful of close friends. I distributed cassette tape singles of songs that reminded of that person. (And yes, I know this is cheesier than Lambeau Field, but please note I said “high school”)
she's my sunshine ... and she's so fine ...
To this day I remember a handful of the songs. To one female friend, a longtime subject of my unrequited love, I gave this. To a hip male bud who sweated enthusiasm, I gave this. And so it went.

To another dear friend, and a dear friend is what she was and continues to be, I gave the gift of Dino. It fit her. This dear friend seemed always to be chirpy, smiling through the halls as if mandatory. Her attitude was more contagious than a giggle. When I think of the people from back in the day who made me who I am, she’s in the top 5.

I have no idea if she remembers my random holiday gift, but I do. It popped in my head this morning when I saw it was her birthday. I hope she gets a giggle out of this.

Happy birthday, Christie. Keep beaming.

(As an aside, a couple years ago a friend introduced me to iTunes. He bragged it contained every song you could think of. My immediate challenge? Anything by Dino. Sigh. Apple is so overrated.)


One thought on “The longlasting power of cassette tape

  1. awwwww, Rob. I love you so much! You are one of my favorite people on this earth, because you know where I come from and because of the friend you’ve been in all the years since.
    I do have a vague memory of that tape (I can probably guarantee you, though, that I still have the cassette. Brandon has tried to get me to throw away my collection every time we move). However, after watching that video there may be a very good reason for me to block it out. LOL Wow, now that is what I call dancing! We are in so much trouble when our kids get old enough to realize what dorks we were in the 80’s.

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