Civics class will never be the same again


Few election thoughts on this historic day.

As I woke Princess Gabby up this morning (as always, her Disney princess light comes on first, as I softly beseech the princess to awake), a thought popped in mine head. Neither Gabby or Big G will know of a world in which a black man wasn’t president. Political debates aside, that’s a monumental moment. If they grow up to see blacks in positions of great power alongside whites, we will indeed have a different America within the next decade.

Now, taking into account the political debates, this was no landslide. At first glance, 2008’s total votes cast are about in line with 2004’s, and may fall short. That’s not change. Of the 435 seats up in the U.S. House, only about 20 flipped from one party to the other. That’s not change. In the Senate, of 35 seats on the ballot, no more than five or six flipped. That’s not change either.

One change we will have is an Obama administration under the world’s largest microscope. He’s very much still an enigma. No one knows exactly how he’ll govern, nor what challenges he’ll unexpectedly be forced to take on. Bush had a record. So did McCain. Obama does not …. for now.

Until the honeymoon is over, there is history to celebrate. A black man is leader of the free world. Only in America.


One thought on “Civics class will never be the same again

  1. Very well said. Our Democracy is truly a wonderful thing. That being said, it is now tomorrow and I’m looking forward with optimism and a watchful eye.
    I’m glad you mentioned the impact on our kids. Last night I made Abigael watch the election coverage and speeches with me. Even if she didn’t understand what it was about, I wanted her to be a witness to history.

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