Time again for my own personal election party

I admit up front, I am a nerd. Election day excites me more than kickoff. That said, here’s my personal diary for ELECTION 2008 BABY! Woo-hoo!


For the record, I voted Palin. Sure, it will count for McCain, but that’s beyond my control. If Obama/Biden wins, I have no qualms. I ain’t a hater, I just love the game.

9:19 – And Fox again calls Ohio for the Big O. Again, congrats president-elect Obama. And I am out.

9:16 – Big Mac still needs to run the table – NC, VA, Indiana, and Ohio. He loses one, he’s done.

9:14 – Whoa. Fox News took Ohio back. Them teases!

9:03 – Like watching a football game after the fact, when you know who won, all the drama is gone. And thus, good night.

9:02 – And Fox calls Ohio for Obama. It’s over. Congratulations, president-elect Obama!

9:00 – Here comes bunch more states. CNN says no surprises coming. The B O gets Wisconsin, Minnesota, NY, Rhode Island, Michigan and New Mexico. Big Mac gets Wyoming.

8:57 – Brit Humes, “Are we now a center-left country?” I say no. We are now a “man did Bush screw things up we need a change” country. Obama didn’t run openly as a liberal/lefty. He gonna cut taxes, remember? When Republicans took Congress in 1992, it was billed as a “temper tantrum” by voter who threw the bums out. I doubt that will be the theme this year.

8:47 – Now this is weird. WRAL has a real-time update up for NC results. The Senate race – already called – has just 5% precincts reporting. The presidential race has 14% reporting. Governor race 12%. So the race with the fewest votes is called, while Hagan’s vote percentage is not much off Obama or Purdue.

8:44 – Fox News live in Greensboro. Reporters says massive Dem turnout seen in the state. We may be going blue.

8:41 – It looks to be over. Southwest “Red” Virginia has most its votes in, which is roughly a third of the state’s votes, and Big Mac only leads by around 12 points. The north is all Dem, as is most of the southwest. Obama wins there, he wins everywhere.

8:39 – SHOCK! Georgia goes for McCain. We still have a race, 103-69 Fox News.

8:38 – Elizabeth Dole has also been announced a big L, dropping her race to Kay Hagan. Since I didn’t vote for her six years ago, can’t say I’m upset. Besides, that goddless ad was classless.

8:35 – Fox News scoreboard, 103-54, Big O. CNN, 81-34. MSNBC, 103-43.

8:33 – As soon as I type that, Fox calls Penn. for the Big O. That’s it. O take any other southern state, he’s the next president.

8:31 – NETWORK FIGHT! MSNBC has called Pennsylvania for Obama. No other network has done that. Michael Barone on Fox News just explained that “other” networks have called the state, but they haven’t. Why? There’s been no – zip, zero, nada – actual vote returns. “Other” networks are apparently relying only on exit poll data, not real data. Burrrrnnnnnnn.

8:30 – And the wife comes and gets Gabby, who refuses to be still long enough to go to sleep.

8:05 – Gabby wants me to lay down with her, do bye bye for a bit.

8:03 – Chris Wallace on NC spends some time on Biden’s big re-election win. He’s won a 7th term in the Senate from Delaware. Which kinda bothers me. Before you run for a new office, you should resign your old. But that’s just me.

8:00 – CNN makes calls – SHOCK! The north goes Obama! Oklahoma and Rocky Top goes Big Mac. It’s now 77-34, Obama, says CNN. Fox has it 77-39 the big O.

7:59 – CNN’s talking heads are dicussing how careful they’re being in calling states. Making sure. Counting twice. Etc. Etc. Etc. They’re basically explaining why Fox is calling ahead of them.

7:58 – Wolf promises some calls at the top of the hour. And by the way, I like Wolf. He’s like the Alfred I wish I had. Always there, always reasuring.

7:56 – I keep missing the holograms on CNN, but I click over to hear John King discuss how college campuses in Indiana are going big for Obama (SHOCK!). But, he says, it’s still to early to make anything out of this. And now Wolf calls SC for Big Mac. Seems like Fox News is jumping ahead of Ted’s old network.

7:53 – Here’s a map on the NC governors race. Love that mug of Munger mug.

7:51 – About that late NC precinct – “Voting hours are being extended at one North Carolina polling place where ballots got stuck in a trunk. State Board of Elections officials in Wake County said they would accept voters until 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at Barwell Road Community Center in Raleigh.” Anybody got a crowbar? Those are apparently in short supply in the south.

7:50 – SHOCK! South Carolina goes to McCain! That’s Edwards country, right? Electoral scoreboard, 21-3.

7:37 – While Fox News channel said WVa for Big Mac 10 minutes ago, the FoxNews.com interactive map has no mention of it.

7:44 – And Obama takes the national votes counted so far lead, 1.54 million to 1.47 million. Meanwhile, Maine still 2-1.

7:43 – NC is not closed. Some polls open until 8:30.

7:40 – West Virginia went McCain, according to instapundit. Coal country shall not go bankrupt without a fight! No surprise, really. Look at who their senior senator is.

7:37 – CNN says Big Mac up 9-3. Meanwhile, Warner wins a Senate seat for the Dems out of my one-time home of Virginia.

7:36 – Back to Fox, McCain has added some eletoral vote? Whaa? 13-3, Big Mac. Which state have they called? Waiting … waiting … waiting ….

7:34 – ABC News – Proportion of Black Vote Is Only Slightly Higher Than in 2004. No way!

7:33 – Wolf on CNN is “calling” the race like it’s a ballgame. “Obama is up 12 early in the first quarter, with less than 10% of the game played.” He’s doing this with very early Florida results, and on screen the percentages are way out of whack. Wolf admits this, and says without saying it, ignore everything I just said. Will do!

7:31 – My ultimate prediction? Obama wins Virginia and Pennsylvania, it’s over.

7:30 – NC polls close, with Ohio and West Virginia. Obama wins NC, it’s over. I can’t see that happening, but you never know.

7:27 – Cheese move of the night – CNN has reporters now reporting “in hologram.” I haven’t seen it yet, but man … is that really necessary?

7:22 – Unlike two years ago, there shant be any drinking tonight. I’m an adult now. Plus, gotta cut back on expenses. The economy, you know. And I doubt I will do this long into the night. Maybe.

7:21 – This is cool. Time to see which is faster, net or tv.

7:20 – Just saw on Fox News election ticker – Maine votes so far: McCain 1 (33%), Obama 2 (67%). Now THAT’S breaking news!

7:19 – And Kentucky goes McCain! He leads in the electoral college vote, 8-3! GOP! GOP! GOP!

– Set your clocks for 5 p.m. That’s when exit poll data will be released. Cause everyone knows how reliable exit poll data is. It’s even better than polls!

– Hit the booth at 7:30ish this morning. Tumbleweeds outnumbers voters 3-1.

POLL WORKER: Well you sure seem excited to be here this morning.

ME: Actually, I have kids out in the car.

POLL WORKER: (gives me an odd look)

ME: Oh! Someone’s watching them! Just want to hurry.

(I get my paper ballot and instructions).

POLL WORKER: So … are those your kids out there?

ME: Yes. A teen-ager is watching them.

POLL WORKER: Wow. You don’t look old enough to have kids. I thought you were a college student.

ME: (smile)

And yes, I did type “paper ballot.” No fancy, dancy, Homer-eating computer for me! Pen and bubbles. Just how Crayola intended. I was voter No. 87.

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