One for the thumb

Whenever Gabby does something worthy of praise, such as clean her plate, use the potty or go an hour without assaulting Big G, the wife praises her with a thumbs up and, “Good job!” So of course it was only a matter of time before monkey see, monkey do.

So now when she does something she knows is good, or even I do something worthy of praise, she proudly shows the thumb and says, “Good job!”

The cellphone photo above is from one of our weekly breakfast dates. Gabby goes to The Greatest Day Care in the World, which is located alongside campus. The ASU library is directly behind her school. When we get their early, we mosey on over to the library on one of several missions:

A) Give the Dancers five (a sculpture of a male and female ballerina)

B) Say hello to Fred the giant bear

C) Read some books in the kids area

D) Have some cake in the cafe

Our most recent visit was one for D), cake (cinnamon pound cake, actually). We ate the whole thing, which, according to Gabby, was a “Good job!”


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