Big G tries to direct his dad to a much more attractive scene on Folly Beach.

A couple of brief Big G stories.

The Gs and I were at a friend’s house last Saturday during the incredible Appalachian State-Georgia Southern football game. ASU won by 1, 37-36, in a game that went down to the wire. As one blog described it, the game had eight lead changes – four in the final 14 minutes.

Each time ASU took the lead, a flock of high fives circled the room. Big G, hidden among the crowd of high flyers, has been long familiar with the “five.” But not the “high five.” So inbetween GSU retaking the lead and ASU taking it back, I was instructing him on the new five.

At game’s end, when Mountaineer Mark LeGree ended the game with a nice interception in the endzone, everyone in the room (about six of us) jumped up. More high fives all around. This time, Gavin wanted in on the acts. He sat in my lap, left arm extended, palm out, and went “Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” at the nearest person. He got a five.

Then he turned to the next nearest person. Same motion, “Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” And so he went, until he got five from EVERYBODY!

Another moment to make a dad proud. Soon after we first arrived, Big G was roaming the floor in front of the television. I got everyone’s attention and asked,

ME: Hey Gavin, what’s on TV?

GAVIN: (turning to look at the TV, then turning back to me) Foo-bahhhl.

Awwwwww yeah. That early morning SportsCenter pre-K education is paying off. Most days as Gavin sits in my lap eating “bite-bite,” I identify each highlight reel.

ME: That’s tennis. Say “tennis.” …. That’s football. Say “football.” …. That’s baseball. Say “baseball” ….

GAVIN: (eating, stays silent. He just smiles)

Just this morning, he was in my lap as I clicked over to GoASU.com. Suddenly he was pointing all over the screen. Foo-bahhhl! Foo-bahhhl! Foo-bahhhl!

One more story. As is the nature of young males, Big G’s vocabulary is still very limited. It’s growing – s ….. l ….. o ….. w …. l …. y – but it is growing. And what little he knows, he knows how to use it. One night, he walked up to the Teen’s bedroom door, which was closed.

ME: That’s sissy room.

GAVIN: (quietly) Sisss-eey?

ME: (Walk off into kitchen)

GAVIN: (Walks to sissy’s door, and stops. He then yells) SISS_EEY!

TEEN: What Gavin? What do you want?

GAVIN: (Straining like she’s across the yard) SISSSSS-EEYYYY!

TEEN: (She opens her door) What, Gavin? Do you want to come in?

GAVIN: (Nods head, walks in. He emerges a minute later carrying a box of Cheez-Its, and munching happily)

He has taken to SCREAMING when he wants someone or something in particular. MOMMA! BITE-BITE! DADDEEY! He sometimes sounds like a gifted velociraptor, complete with deathly screech.



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