Electric Slide

Big G ready to take the plunge

Couple weekends ago Big G’s cousin had a birthday party at a local park. And, as is his custom, he became the roaming gnome. He fled the picnic shelter at every opportunity. He wanted to go play.

I finally followed him to the slide contraption. I followed him as he went up the steps. And I followed him as he approached the slide. I finally sat down, put him in my lap, and down together we went.

He laughed. And he wanted more (he signs this). So I went over and – instead of repeating follow the wee-der – I hoisted him to the top of the slide contraption, then returned to the bottom of the slide to see what he would do.

He walked to the top of the slide, bent down and sat. He then inched, inched, inched forward until gravity took over. DOOOOWWWWNNNNN he went. And he loved it. For the next 10 minutes, he made more solo trips than Han.

This was his first time doing this on a high slide. He’s all about the one-foot tall slide at home. And that slide’s straight down, not curvy. Me thinks my son will be an adventure lover.

He’s still not the most verbal child. He’s added to his “b” letter repitore – bye, boo-boo, butt and boo! (That last one is his impression of me trying to scare him .. hey Gavin … BOO!)

He’s also learned “no,” which started as a drawl (Nuh-ooooo) and is now a karate chop. (Nu-O!)

And yes, the hair is coming in nicely.


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