Pet smart

Gabby posing with her pet snail, eLay.

Just over a month ago Gabby and I were scavenging for blackberries down the road. During our then-routine, I came across a rather large snail napping underneath a leaf. I plucked it off and showed it to Gabby. It was delight at first sight!

She named the snail eLay (like the city, L.A.). It’s her her third pet, but the first to sleep (ooze?) in her room. (The Teen gave her two small water frogs for Christmas, but they stay in the living room. Gabby named them aJay and WertzAy. Last week WertzAy .. or maybe it was aJay .. went to that big lillypad in the sky).

For the first few days Gabby was occasionally facinated with eLay. She watched her (it?) ooze up the side of the small fish tank. Hide in the leaves. Disappear in the shell, then come out again.

One day she stuck a flower in there for her to enjoy. I think she liked it.

My favorite story. One day it was me, her and the Teen in the house. I gave eLay to Gabby so I could freshen up her “house” with new leafery. While I was out, so was eLay. In Gabby’s hand she stretched out to her maximum length and wormed around Gabby’s hand. Gabby loved it. On a lark, I took her to the Teen’s room so she could check her out.

The Teen was – of course – on the phone and upon see the snail spectacle she – of course – screamed and ordered us away. Gabby just laughed and carried on.

The best pets are the ones that annoy your big sissy.


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