Hugs and misses

A great photo from my friends The Lockwoods, showing Gabby saying goodbye to new friend Abigael and old friend Reilly.

During Gabby and I’s recent trip down to Flavaville, we joined some friends for a day at the park. It was a mini-high school reunion of mine, with three great friends and their kids coming out to bask (bake?) at a park in our hometown.

Random robservations –

– Abigael became quickly attached to Gabby. Soon after they met, she walked up to me and asked.

ABIGAEL: Can my best friend come back with me to my grandma’s house?

ME: Who’s your best friend?

ABIGAEL: (points to Gabby).

– Prior to the park, Gabby and I had gone to a thrift store. In it we found two Disney princess gowns (Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell) along with what I think was once a flowergirl dress for a wedding. (Toal bill – $9, I know bargains).

At the park, Gabby wanted to show off her new dresses to her friends. After doing so, she put on one of the Disney dresses – over her clothes – and proceeded to run around and play without a care – or heat stroke – to her day.

At one point she enticed Reilly to don the rather mutil-layered flower girl dress. Reilly numbly stood there for several seconds while Gabby attempted to entice her to play. Reilly looked to her mom with an expression of, “save me.” She did.

– Abigael’s dad knows how to grow a mustache.

– Mountain living has made me soft. I wore sandals to the park, forgetting that every step sucks in a “day at the beach” worth of sand between my toes. I changed to sneakers. Then I worked hard to escape the sun. Even the sparse shade of the monkey bar branches brought limited relief. It was around 90 degrees. Felt like 100.. on asphalt … wearing all black … under a magnifying glass. I loathed it, but kept on a smiling face.

Gabby must be the anti-me. She had no qualms with the sun, even under two layers of clothes. When we later arrived at my mom’s house, I had her take the dress off. Her original outfit was near soaked with sweat. But never did she complain.

– It amazes me that four high school friends can all seem to spawn simultaneously.

– I generally enjoy these min-reunions, until I have to leave. My dear friends from that era long ago have their own lives in zipcodes far from mine. I catch myself daydreaming that somehow, someway, we all end up retiring to the same neighborhood. We share stories, enjoy company and watch our children inter-date.

*SIGH* You never can go home again.


One thought on “Hugs and misses

  1. awwww…you got me a little misty-eyed. It was so great to see you all. But, you know, even though it had been too many years, I was in awe of how easy and comfortable it was to be with old friends. To be that person from long ago again, but with the confidence and ease of being happy with where I am now. No, we can’t go home again, but it’s always there when we need it.
    BTW, Brandon has turned that mustache into some god-awful handlebar thing. Lord help me…

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