Birthday Blues

My “lil est sis” Karen seems to enjoy giving my children gifts she knows will drive us crazy, such as the doll baby cheerleader with three different rather loud and obnoxious cheers. All of which can be played at the push of a button.

So for her son’s recent birthday, I decided to retaliate. I gave her son a Duke basketball jersey. As you can tell by his reaction, this kid is destined to hate me. Meanwhile, my Carolina-loving sis acted excited about the gift, while my Carolina-loving mom and other Carolina-loving relatives made no real comment.

Only my Duke-loving grandmother – our family’s dark blue sheep – shot her arms in the airs. “Yeesssss!”

Quick related story, a few months ago I had Gabby with me in a Goodwill. I saw a cool-lookin shirt, but on closer inspection it was a Duke shirt. I looked to Gabby, who had never heard or seen of the Deviled one before.

ME: Ooooo! A Duke shirt. Nasty! Gross.

GABBY: Oooooooo. Gross. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Duke is nasty!

ME: Yeah! Booooo Duke.

GABBY: I hate Duke!

The looks on nearby faces were priceless.


One thought on “Birthday Blues

  1. As Homer Simpson would say “Kids are great! You can teach them to hate what you hate.”
    And I understand your troubles with your sister, as I plan to retaliate when my little brothers have kids (soft foam swords at 2 years, Hulk boxing gloves that make noises and are great to pummle little brothers).

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