Guess who’s ready for Appalachian State Fan Fest

Ready for football

One FanFest down. One more to go.

The three-time … three-time … THREE-TIME .. national champion Appalachian State football team has its annual Fan Fest this Saturday. As you can see, we are regulars.

We tried the Panther FanFest this year, just to check cheerleaders it out. It doesn’t compare to what ASU does.

The Panthers event was nice, but the G’s were a bit too young. If you have a kid between five and 11, they would be in heaven. The field is open only to youngsters for some kick, pass and punt type activities. Off-the-field you can meet cheerleaders and Sir Purr. And there’s several face painting tables and activities in the kid zone. It’s a nice event, but not to action packed.

What ASU does is off the charts. Air walks. Cheerleaders. Kick, pass and punt. Tackling dummies. The players. Autographs. Giveaways. All are welcome on the field, in the end zone or at the 50. Beyond awesome. We’re annually tuckered out by the end and, oddly, well tanned.

Gavin slept through last year’s event. (It was hot and he was three months old, give him a break). Now that he’s mobile and coming close to saying “football” (foobahhhl), it’s gonna be on Saturday!


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