We love a Pourade

The Fourth is for floats. And if by floats you mean, “local parade participants making merry,” well, we saw plenty of those last weekend.

Gabby and I went to the Blowing Rock parade Saturday. We met up with her boyfriend Carter’s family. Just as the first clown appeared the clouds let loose. The previous night’s fireworks had nothing on the sudden explosion of umbrellas. Gabby, dressed from hood to near toe in an oversized ASU pullover, loved every drop of it.

There were horses and dogs and wagons and candy. Lots and lots of candy. Wet, sticky, glorious candy! The streets bled sugar. No Dum Dum or bubble gum was too wet to handle. Gabby made like a hyper chipmunk and stocked up for the winter.

About halfway through the patriotic processional the pouring peetered out. Gabby shed the pullover, which apparently did nothing to prevent her from getting an unscheduled shower. As I said, she loved every drop of it.

The day prior it was me and the Gs at the Boone parade. The candy was much more scarce, but we did get balloons. Or, as Big G continues to call them, “bawwwwwllllls.” Macado’s was handing out the helium heros free. Gabby lost two before getting one she kept from leaping skyward.

We three spent the parade surrounded by a huge Japanease family – some adults, some kids and a cute baby in a stroller. They had a ball. So did we. There’s something so American about being at your country’s birthday parade and not understanding a word your neighbor is saying, but bonding just the same.

We saw Blue Ridge Blog at the parade, so of course she snapped a photo. Here we three are in all our four-y glory.

One sad note – this was Gabby’s first Fourth with no fireworks. We went out to Mountain City that night for the local shows, but the nap-denied one couldn’t hold out. Her eyes closed right at sundown and narry could a boom or pop disturb them. Big G enjoyed the show, I think. That, or the un-sissy-cluttered attention.

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