Plenty of walking but not much talking

I mentioned a couple weeks back that Big G was slowly getting into that whole bipedal mode of transportation. The photo above is from his first real effort at moving upright, and involved many ups, many downs, few actual steps, but plenty of determination.

He was slow to really get into it, switching from knees to heels throughout the day. But late last week he decided to go 80% walk, 5% crawl and 10% HOLD ME!

While his mobility grows, his vocabulary remains stunted. “Da-da,” “Ma-Ma,” “Bite-Bite” and “Bawl” is all he ever really utters. The standard reaction is, “He’s a boy. That’s normal. Their linguistic development lags behind little girls.”

True. No prob.

Yet what tickles me is the words he says, but those he understands! He may be near mute, but he’s not deaf. Here is a brief list of words and phrases Big G very well understands. (Odd how so many are verbs).

– Bite, as in “don’t bite me” or “go bite momma.”
– Throw the ball
– Go get the ball
– Bring me the ball
– Be a sleepy boy, to which he’ll lay his head down on the table or your knee
– It’s in your room
– It’s in sissy’s room
– Sit down
– Hit, as in “don’t hit me” or “go hit momma”
– Outside
– Behind you
– Over there
– Bath
– Kiss, as in “gimmie a kiss” or “don’t kiss momma”
– Bye-bye

Quite a list for a 13-month old male, or a five-month-old puppy. Both make plenty of messes, but at least the former comes with a diaper.


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